Al Pacino was born on April 25, 1940 in New York to a family of Italian immigrants. The vocation of comedy is obvious and the young man multiplies attempts to integrate different drama classes. It was at this time that he met actor and director Charles Laughton, who would guide and support him.

In 1966, Al won a place in Lee Strasberg’s Actors Studio where he met Robert De Niro. The actor will apply the method he has learned throughout his career, without ever derogating. His talent on stage earned him a Tony Award in 1969 and Pacino broke into the big screen in 1972 thanks to Francis Ford Coppola who entrusted him with the role of Michael Corleone in The Godfather.

Al Pacino Biography

A role that suits him like a glove since his parents are from Corleone in Sicily! This is a start for Pacino and the young man immediately knows the recognition of his peers. He then shines in Serpico where he plays a policeman struggling against corruption.

Pacino returns to the role of mobster in 1983, and the actor embodies Tony Montana in the cult movie Scarface.

Al Pacino Career

In 1995, Pacino found De Niro in Heat, Michael Mann. Since then, the actor has returned to the theater and regularly performs on stage. He received an AFI Life Achievement Award, one of the most prestigious awards that can be awarded.

Pacino has also devoted himself to directing and is the author of a documentary about Shakespeare’s play Richard III.

On the heart side, the actor has long shared his life with his wife in The Godfather, Diane Keaton.

1995 finally allows him to give the answer to the other sacred monster of American cinema Robert de Niro in Michael Mann’s Heat.

A year later, he directed his second film, looking for Richard, whose subject is the staging of “Richard III”.

In 2003, he played the role of American lawyer Roy Cohnet who died of AIDS in 1986 in the multi-award-winning series Angels in America, which deals with the emergence of AIDS in New York, in the mid-1980s, under the presidency. Reagan.

He remains today one of the most talented actors of his generation recognized by his peers as well as by the general public.

His net worth is estimated at $135 million.

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