Zoe Sugg grew up in the village of Lacock, located in southwestern England, 50 km east of Bristol. This region is known as the artistic cradle of Great Britain. This is how art courses are accessible from high school. Zoe Sugg teaches at Corsham and studies art, sewing, photography and design.

She is growing up with her younger brother Joe. Together they introduced to video and blogging. Following her high school, Zoe Sugg engaged as an apprentice in a design and interior design agency.

It is at the same time that she starts her blog “Zoella“. Passionate about beauty products, makeup and fashion, her first publications are beauty tips.

Career of Zoe Sugg

Zoe Sugg’s career as a Vlogger and YouTuber begins in December 2009 when she publishes her first video titled “60 things in my bedroom”, on the same model as the article in her blog “What’s in my bag?” Online in March 2009.

Quickly, and surely thanks to the growing popularity of his blog, many people are starting to follow her on Youtube. Before becoming a professional YouTuber who can boast of making a living thanks to her digital activity, Zoe Sugg is a saleswoman for fashion boutiques.

Its first Youtube channel is made up of fashion videos and beauty tips.

Zoe Sugg Facts You Should Know About

Proof of her celebrity, Zoe Sugg has her wax statue double at the Tussauds Museum in London. She poses with her fiancé, the YouTuber Alfie Deyes, in a reconstruction of her room.

His younger brother Joe Sugg is also a YouTuber and recognized blogger in England.


5 ft 4 in or 163 cm


52 kg or 115 pounds

Net Worth

£2.5 million

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