• Date of birth: April 16, 1973 (Age: 43 years)
  • Height: 5ft 11 in (180 cm)
  • Weight: 171 pounds (78 kg)
  • Net Worth: $80 million dollars


Akon, from his real name Aliaune Thiam, was born in 1979 in Senegal. His parents leave this country to settle in the United States. Akon discovers a new musical culture and more especially hip-hop. Love of music and this passion never leaves him, especially in the worst moments he spends in prison. He polishes his texts and hangs himself with courage and conviction to the music.

Career of Akon

From there, he had his first contact with hip-hop and immersed himself in the life of the crime. As in most cases, he eventually arrested and spent in prison.

Seeing all the mistake that his life was becoming, Akon decides that he would stay away from the crime. So that he did not have to return to relive this bad experience. In addition, it is also in prison that Akon consolidates his pretensions to a musical career.

The poor experience in prison to re-engage in the world of crime and return to a cell represented in the songs “Locked Up” and “Nobody”.

The odd thing is that even the heavy character of “Locked Up,” the first single from Trouble, became a big hit. With the collaboration of Styles P, the track made the perfectly unknown Akon a name present in the top. Also ghetto, it has a serious content, approaching, as the name indicates, the life in the American ghettos.

Akon Facts You Should Know About

In 2007 Akon performed in Brazil. Dragging crowds wherever he went, he said in an interview that he identified a lot with Brazil and was surprised by the audience that even though they did not know how to speak their language, they knew how to sing their songs from end to end.


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